Utopian Global presents STORH Token
Security Token that is backed by real energy assets!

  •  Kenya Event June 14th to 16th 2019.
  •  NEWS: May 25th, 2019 - Our 4th asset will be a Non-recyclable Plastics Pyrolysis Plant. Turns non-recyclable plastic back into oil. Great for our environment, great for our business.
  •  NEWS: APRIL 24, 2019 - STORH Signs Letter Of Intent For First Major Asset Purchase
  •  NEWS: MARCH 06, 2019 - STORH Acquires First Oil Producing Asset In The USA 
  •  JUNE 2019 Milestones: Token Price Doubling 0.50 --> 1.00 euro.
  •  Utopian Global is an 11 year old company. 
  •  The STORH Token is backed by real income producing assets (oil fields)!
  •  Starting with oil and gas, then moving into renewables, like wind and solar.
  •  Token owners will be paid a quarterly dividends from profits generated.
  •  Minimum investment is only 50 euros.
  •  Utopian Global is putting oil and gas on the Blockchain!
Watch below interview with the owners of Utopian Global and STORH Token

Watch below the latest Utopian Global corporate webinar
(June 20th 2019)
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