Utopian Global presents STORH Token
Security Token that is backed by real energy assets!

  • Australia Event August 1st 2019.
  •  NEWS: May 25th, 2019 - Our 4th asset will be a Non-recyclable Plastics Pyrolysis Plant. Turns non-recyclable plastic back into oil. Great for our environment, great for our business.
  •  NEWS: APRIL 24, 2019 - STORH Signs Letter Of Intent For First Major Asset Purchase
  •  NEWS: MARCH 06, 2019 - STORH Acquires First Oil Producing Asset In The USA 
  •  JUNE 2019 Milestones: Token Price Doubling 0.50 --> 1.00 euro.
  •  Utopian Global is an 11 year old company. 
  •  The STORH Token is backed by real income producing assets (oil fields)!
  •  Starting with oil and gas, then moving into renewables, like wind and solar.
  •  Token owners will be paid a quarterly dividends from profits generated.
  •  Minimum investment is only 50 euros.
  •  Utopian Global is putting oil and gas on the Blockchain!
STORH - Sustainable Technologies Resource Holdings

Watch below the latest Utopian Global corporate webinar
(June 20th 2019)
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